24 March 2013

Spring Decorating

 photo 80729e92-c8be-4930-893c-bb240c5518e2_zps708fb110.jpg

I think I get bored on average about every 4 weeks with my house. So I set about visiting home stores to see if there is anything that I obviously don't need, but want and then I change things around. I'm sure every time my housemate comes home there is something new or the entire kitchen has been moved around. Now i'm off to go and inhale some Dominos.

 photo 3f1eebcb-0c41-4737-9095-4c68f6a1fa55_zps24802d07.jpg

 photo b827bdf3-cbd9-44ba-ac23-7c7b8358a211_zps81ebecd1.jpg

 photo 40b98b31-7400-43e8-bed0-7c6aba670b71_zpsac5c7640.jpg

 photo cae479da-b7a5-4f92-9d20-9722336c3c74_zps9e50a3b3.jpg

Hugs & Kisses


AlittlebitUnique said...

These are so cute, love the home blocks

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The pampered pout said...

Im the same im always buying things and getting bored of my decor x

liketreasure said...

i love the HOME blocks, they're adorable!

Lauren x

Anonymous said...

I loved the blocks and the coffee table setting!

xXxStundonxXx said...

Your home looks so lovely, I particularly like the blocks. Xx