18 April 2013


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It's been quite a whirlwind couple of weeks, when nothing and everything has happened. So I haven't had much time really for fashion, which will change as of now. It's what I love and I have to remember that getting dressed should be fun not a chore. Which means I will also be tackling my wardrobe which is currently just a massive cupboard with all my clothes thrown on the floor. Time to get the drill out I think and a quick little trip to Ikea. Hope you're all having a fabulous day.

Hugs & Kisses


Jenn said...

I really want that Iron Man top, it's lovely! xxx

AJ said...

OHHH look at that chocolate pud!
*YUM* xxx

AlittlebitUnique said...

Love the iron man tee and I love the last quote

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Aimee Bell said...

awww loove your dog! so cute!