18 April 2013

My Favourite Voucher Codes

I thought i'd let you guys know about a new website that I came across - My Favourite Voucher Codes. Now we all know about discount code sites and I bet we all love them, but this one is different. This one gives back - not to you - but to charity. This is how it works - the site supports a vast array of charities (you can check it out here) and every month they give 20% of their net profits to charity. the charity gets choses by you guys through a monthly charity poll. How do they do this - everytime that you use a discount code from their site they receive a small commission on your purchase, so whilst you save money, charities benefit. So it's guilt free shopping right? Ha! What is even better about this site - it has a voucher code app that sits on the top right of your browser tool bar and will show the number of voucher codes or deals available on any of the retailer sites that you visit - which means that YOU WILL NEVER MISS A DEAL! Way Hay! Sounds good to me. Go forth and shop shop shop.

They currently have a great Debenhams voucher code that gives you 10% off and free delivery on all purchases. But hurry this offer ends on 24th April.


Be Nice* said...

It's a nice initiative!!! I love it!!!

AlittlebitUnique said...

I love voucher code sites and always check them before I purchase online! I'll definitely have to check this out

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