28 April 2013

On My Hair

 photo c5f06a0e-e40c-44b3-bd07-764cedb5b142_zps8ea9ac5f.jpg

So we all know about dry shampoo - we all that we all use it for a lazy day, but I thought i'd just share with you my current faves. In the past i have used Ojon (not a fan of the smell) and also tresseme (just not a fan). Bastiste is one brand I keep coming back to. Now I can't vouch for it being THE BEST, but it is my top go to. Especially these 2. The Tropical - I just love for the smell, if it didn't leave a powdery residue i'd even use it for air freshener. The cherry is just such a fresh smell, that I usually hate, but for some reason it just works. Now the third - want big back combed hair then use this! It works I tell thee - XXL volume is a must.
Have a fabulous day.

Hugs & Kisses

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