23 April 2013

Through the Fog

 photo 96ff46c0-885b-4ab6-b14e-ecdd53c02cd1_zps794d5880.jpg

Some craptastic pictures this morning, the house was surrounded by fog, but as soon as you left the street it was beautiful sunshine. I'm off to work this morning, got lots to do and lots to be busy with. Hope you all have a fabulous day!

 photo 73f88822-ac63-4d78-b809-1fffafca93da_zps56ada31a.jpg

 photo 79568d24-663c-4045-9993-bc33575ba390_zpsb1294962.jpg
Jumper Next, Jeans River Island, Shoes ASOS

Hugs & Kisses


AlittlebitUnique // UK blog said...

That jumper is such a gorgeous colour, you look lovely

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Ellie May said...

That jumper is a gorgeous colour on you, be lovely for spring time! x


Tonis Ton said...

very nice!!! thanks for sharing

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