22 April 2013

Wish Want Wear

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 photo dc239796-9710-46f2-ac94-e5a170f4ac3d_zps05e2e62e.jpg photo ab0230cb-3c3b-422b-8270-083d1dfd6abf_zps62adec25.jpg

Working in fashion is seriously bad for my bank balance, I get to shop as part of my job and research online stores. I find so many it's hard to choose what I want to buy and what I want for wanting (if that makes sense). Hard life right? :) This week I stumbled across Bank Fashion, which has some fab items that can't be found on the high street that I want want want! Check it out here.

Hugs & Kisses


Hayley Nicole said...

love the top left and bottom right dress! great picks!x

Jess T. said...

I love the aztec(ish) print dress! I'm on it already! xx

h² fashion said...

Love the prints!

stefani_x said...

i LOVE the first dress. Loving anything lilac or mint at the moment. Also anything Aztec! xx

Gabriele said...

I love the prints on the dresses!

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AlittlebitUnique // UK blog said...

Those dresses are so pretty

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Sinem said...

The salmon dress is great..

Tanya said...

The salmon dress and the Aztec dress are both fab!