28 May 2013

5 Daring Summer Fashion Looks

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The sun has most definitely got his hat on, at last, and with the warmer weather, many of us are starting to turn our attention to our summer 2013 wardrobe. With this season’s catwalk shows full of new and inspirational ideas for fashion, the high street should be our oyster when it comes to spicing up our summer look. 
If you’re looking for something a bit different to the tea dresses and maxi skirts that dominate most summer collections, then this season has brought a few new and somewhat risqué trends to the shops. Here are five of the most unusual, daring and downright fierce trends for 2013 - and how you can pull them off.
Leather . . . in warm weather?
Leather is most definitely this season’s hot-to-trot material, and left many fashion a journalist’s jaw on the floor at this year’s London Fashion Week. After all, who wants to wear hot, heavy leather in the summer sun? 
Well panic not, because this season’s leather must-haves have most definitely been designed for sunny days. Thinner, more luxurious leather pieces in bold, bright colours can be found all over the high street, so go for a bright leather miniskirt or vivid leather dress to pull this look off perfectly.
Clashing prints
Inspired by the tribal prints of last season, the trend for big, bold patterns continues to evolve and brings with it a new set of challenges for fashion-conscious females. This season, it’s all about mixing things up, and not necessarily in a pretty way: think ditsy florals up top, teamed with oversized houndstooth below. Scary – in a good way
If you want to pull off the clashing print look yourself, the key is to go for two patterns that are radically different, both in size and colour, to make it obvious that you are intentionally clashing your prints. Get it wrong and you might just end up looking like you have no taste (as opposed to bad taste, which is still better than none at all!)
Dresses with pieces missing, tops with cheeky cut-out areas and shirts that are barely there are hot for this season’s summer wardrobe. While the thought of fleshy rolls hanging out of holes in our clothing will have most of us reaching for the celery, those with toned bodies can really pull of this look as long as they don’t take it too far.
Keep the flesh on show limited to the cut-out sections as far as is possible. Avoid very short dresses, miniskirts or hot pants with this look and use the cut-outs to emphasise your best features.
Underwear as outerwear
With this season’s hot trends for lace and ruffles, many designers are bringing underwear into the outerwear domain. Naughty corsets and baby doll bra dresses are all supercool this season, as are suspenders worn with hot pants, shorts that look like knickers and see-through vests. 
If you want to rock this intimate look, choose pastel shades and soft fabrics to keep it on the right side of the street. Harsh blacks and rowdy reds could push your look from edgy to right over the edge (though all power to you if you can carry that off).
Sheer panels
If baring all with a cut-out is too much for you, then the sheer trend may be something to consider as an alternative. Gwyneth Paltrow was recently seen on the red carpet offering the world a glimpse of her aggressively aerobicized derrière in her , ‘side butt’ dress, but you don’t have to expose yourself quite so desperately to really rock this look.
Think about sheer panels on either on the back or middle of your top, or a completely sheer blouse over a figure-hugging vest top to make this look work for you. Team your sheer upper with one of the currently trendy simple denim skirts from to create a laid back, wearable look.

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Josie said...

Leather is perfect for the British summer seeing as it's still so flipping cold! xxx

Fashion Ganache said...

Gorgeous! Love the tips for trends!
Fashion Ganache.

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stacy wonf said...

Glad you sharing this. yes leather is always perfect in the summer season.

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Great outfits... Leather , yes , always proper no matter the season is...