29 May 2013

Birthday Dress

 photo 1a60f969-1e6e-4cf5-8c04-cd9b001d6314_zps7cfa4bc7.jpg

I wore this dress out for my birthday a few weeks ago, I kept meaning to show you, but as the pics were taken on my iphone they are BAAAAAD quality. Sorry guys, however the dress us a beaut, quite frankly my fave. You can get it here and these are my comfy dancing shoes.

 photo c6929e43-0a4a-460f-96b0-21e3e8c69ac5_zps1a7edf71.jpg

 photo 182c2745-a32a-4f39-93d5-821199fdf101_zps87db287c.jpg
Dress With Love Court Shoes Carvela

Hugs & Kisses

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Leanne Cornelius said...

Fit. This dress is gorgeous and looks amazing on you. x

Valérie said...

I love your dress! You look amazing :) Great post!

X Valérie said...

wonderful dress :)


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