11 May 2013

Inspiration Saturday

 photo 5d450ea0-a207-4c96-86b8-1692847bd8d0_zps50d9760e.jpg
 photo d663cf8a-0020-410d-814a-6a39d29c5909_zps0ff9f3e7.jpg
 photo 069965d7-3c5f-4072-b1b8-8e064695d4f7_zpsdcda9cc7.jpg

I always like to start the day looking through blogs and tumblr's for some inspiration and get up and go to start the day with. I came across this lovely tumblr yesterday and loved it, so thought i'd share. You can check it out here.

Hugs & Kisses

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Fashion Ganache said...

Love all the photos! Great inspiration!
Fashion Ganache

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Sherin said...

Love the first picture so much! Those shoes are stunning.

Diva In Me said...

That's a gorgeous pair of silver heels! Pointed heels are definitely sort-after this season.

Bec Sharpe said...

aw the adventure with me tshirt is so cute! this is such a nice idea for posts too! X

Brooks Cobbs said...

The photos are great.