10 May 2013

Home MadeTurkey Burgers

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Monday marked the first day of my new healthy eating lifestyle, Tuesday night marked the end - thank you Maria and Dominos pizza, however I was back on it Wednesday morning. I don't need to loose weight but I eat like a teenager, which needs to stop. One of my fave meals to whip up is home made turkey burgers with salad and sweet potato wedges. Super easy to do and they don't take long at all. First things first you need to cut up some red onion and garlic and lightly cook in a pan with oil. Pour some oats add the Turkey mince and mix it all up.
 I also add a bit of Reggae Reggae sauce at this point. Add as much as you like. Then divide into sections and lay the mixture flat into a burger shape and cook evenly on each side until cooked through. I find 5 mins on each side does well for me, but it depends on how big your burgers are. Whilst all this is being done your sweet potato wedges should be in the oven cooking. To make them you can check this recipe out here, although they are pretty straight forward. Serve with a massive salad and you have one yummy filling meal. I served it with an avocado and a slice of cheese.

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Let me know if you have any healthy meal recipes that you like. I would love to hear about them.

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G C said...

Looks SO tasty!

Leanne Cornelius said...

I often make turkey burgers, they're so yummy! I love them with mango chutney & goats cheese. Xx