1 May 2013

Leather & Wool

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Hey Girlies, what a lovely day. I've just got back from todays run - my summer mission is to tone (not loose weight) as I'm totally jellyfied right now and my morning breakfast of peanut M&Ms and Monster Munch are seriously catching up on me. Healthy eating from here on out except on a Sunday! ;) On the plus side the little pup will be having extra walks - so she'll be excited. Even better - exercise makes me so happy so no bad moods for me. ha ha. Off to go and do some blog related stuff now, hope all you guys have a fabulous day. Here is todays look - I'm channelling Alexa Chung - or at least I think I am.

Hugs & Kisses

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1 comment:

Eline said...

great skirt! I'm still looking for a leather one like you're wearing!