25 June 2013

Early Start

 photo 6ae7bcf0-cc91-4c90-9671-0fc69d580df1_zps241a2b52.jpg

I am trying my hardest these days to get up at 6am so that I can fit a work out in before I head to work. I failed miserably yesterday and had to go after work. Today however, was a different day. I managed to get up at 6, do a leg and abs workout and also make breakfast, tidy up and take outfit pics all before 9am. Good start to the day if you ask me. It will probably never happen again mind. Ha Ha.

 photo f3ae2720-f374-45e4-be33-10b9f5767c06_zps56f9c28a.jpg

 photo 92c9437a-ee4a-4efb-9b1f-a20034922017_zps82b1b7cf.jpg

 photo 5054ba67-18c5-42fb-ad62-672edceeebaf_zps3f4fc90e.jpg

Hugs & Kisses

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Pippa said...

You are so dedicated! I could never be bothered to do that :) Looking amazing though.

Sorry I haven't commented in ages, just finished uni so have much more time now :) xxx

Kirsty said...

I need some of your motivation, I love my bed! So lazy but some days I get up early and feel much better for it! X