25 June 2013

What to Wear to an Event

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Anyone that takes a peek in my wardrobe will quickly learn that i'm the Queen of dressy. Regardless of whether i'm dressing for work, an event or an evening on the tiles, i'll put a lot of effort into looking good.

I think it's important to create an individual style at all times and my many cocktail dresses certainly allow me to do this. So, how do I decide what to wear to an event?

The Occasion Dress

I'll often buy a new style if I know I have an upcoming event in the diary. I'll usually have a few options in mind, such as the Invitation Rochester Dress from Hobbs, as I prefer a feminine and playful approach when it comes to occasion dresses and the girly lace daisies that adorn the upper half of this dress are sublime.

The Lace Dress

Another popular style i've had my eye on this season is the lace dress. this season's lace has undergone a slight revamp, which i'm pleased to say I agree with. Instead of traditional white styles, i've noticed vivid green, purple, blue and even yellow numbers.

I'll usually wear a lace dress with shoes of the same colour and leave my hair loose to keep the look playful and informal. I find it's important to spend a little more in this style and opt for heavier fabric as apposed to anything too sheer which can become damaged very easily.

I'll also keep my accessories to a minimum to avoid taking the attention away from the detail of the lace and giving me an understated, elegant look.

Hugs & Kisses

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Ambyr said...

The daisies are adorable. It's romantic and still classy.


Kristen said...

Can you share a link for the first dress? Thanks!

comeINTOfashion said...

second one is lovely, I like your style.
Follow each other?

Angel Poubel said...

Beautiful site and photos!
Followed here. Follow me also?


Big Kiss ;*

Confessions Of A City Girl said...

Cute dress, i love the neutral color

Confessions Of A City Girl / Enerjiee

Talita Táiti said...

I love the dress on the left! The colors are so perfect for a summer party.

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