18 June 2013

Tips to Stay Stylish on Summer Days

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The weather may not always provide the best indication of summer, but those who remain optimistic about warmer days ahead might find it wise to start assessing their wardrobe and considering whether it is worth making any new additions.

For some ladies putting together their new collection will involve taking consideration of the best look for their body shape. Others may currently be making an effort to start a fitness regime, or even considering undergoing a procedure such as liposuction. However some tips could help you to look and feel and your very best regardless of your size.

Summer is often a good time to add a splash of colour to your ensemble and this year is no exception. So why not start out with something simple such as a handbag or pair of shoes in a bolder shade and gradually work it into your day-to-day look?

Simple - as well as inexpensive - additions that could see you through the coming months include a good pair of sandals and some versatile accessories. For example, a scarf can often be worn in a number of ways. So why not take inspiration from the big screen adaption of The Great Gatsby and use it as a stylish head wrap one day and then in a more traditional way the next? See how Carey Mulligan's character Daisy Buchanan sports them in the movie if you're in need of a little inspiration.

Of course, if the sun does shine then you'll likely want to take steps to stay looking cool, such as applying sunscreen to ensure your skin stays at it's best. A pair of shades might also help, with vintage styles offering a great way to stand out from the crowd. These can easily be picked up for a reasonable price by shopping on the high street, in second hand shops and online.

Taking a look to the past could also help ladies appear at their best by the poolside or on the beach too. Ladies with a naturally larger bust, or those who have had breast enhancements, may find a one-piece is more flattering than a bikini.

And if you have spent a little while in the sun then you could find yourself left with tan lines. These may not prove too much of an issue on an average day, but if a more formal occasion arises then consider blending in a little fake-tan to help them stand out less.

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Carina said...

Ahh Cara looks amazing in anything! I love the headscarf :)

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Confessions Of A City Girl said...

Great post. I definitely need to buy a nice pair of sandals for the summer... the problem is, i buy one pair, fall in love, wear it every day, then it's falling to pieces by september!

Confessions Of A City Girl / Enerjiee