20 July 2013

Aztec Maxi

 photo ea0b8507-ef30-4c16-903c-85216308aa9c_zps322c4083.jpg

I've been finding quite a few bits and bobs in Primarni lately and this maxi skirt is one of them. Recent purchases can be seen here and here. They really do have some great summer basics that obviously don't break the bank. So yay for Primarni. I once got an email saying I was a s**t blogger for wearing Primark and how can I call myself a fashion blogger if I dare to wear that disgusting brand - to that reader - I don't care what you think - stop reading my blog! :)

 photo 1ec0ff86-96f4-4a1a-a6ce-9e089f261b4d_zps6bcc1a4e.jpg

 photo b421b324-5d76-4f81-8567-db0bbe3c594c_zps9757f141.jpg

 photo 613b671c-4ac4-499d-ab33-7b4db9741b82_zps5dc7d461.jpg

 photo 47df0634-c9f3-4d13-bfd0-f7043f8dca6a_zps51e1a1be.jpg

 photo 1e888f89-2f0b-44dd-83ef-b0fd2d4883bc_zpsa7cc9db0.jpg

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MissJammyxo said...

That's such a gorgeous skirt, I love Primark!! Where did you get your sandals btw? I really like them too♥
Lots of love,

Savannah said...

I love that skirt, you look so pretty. Also, who bothers to take time out of their life to purposefully put another person down? You don't have to wear expensive brands to be a fashion blogger, it's all about how you style them! You are a fab fashion blogger!

Tabet said...

great pics and a sweet outfit! :)

cardiac said...

Love the printed skirt!

Paige said...

Oh my god what an absolutely horrible blogger! Seriously you look gorgeous and I wouldn't even bother listening to them! I have loads of clothes from Primark ones that are equally as gorgeous as other shops I think if that were the case none of us would be classed as fashion bloggers haha! I need some more maxi skirts in my life, I may well take a trip to Primark to find some! Thank you for my comment lovely! x

Dilan Dilir said...

love your skirt :D

Kenza said...

i love your skirt! :)