20 July 2013

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 photo b62b333c-fd1d-46bc-968e-a4367728ec41_zpsc9b5c8ec.jpg

 photo 69dad678-9319-4657-b4ac-c02415700436_zpsba48619c.jpg

 photo 943fd9ce-7562-407c-9037-640e0470864a_zpsca40b7e5.jpg

 photo f13bee58-053e-42c5-91c4-a5d4d7edc969_zpsb04fb469.jpg

 photo 96549a43-6109-4faf-a19f-a5fbc236789f_zps349a6d8c.jpg
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WanderBug said...

The black bag is something i've been eyeing up for a while! Also, i sure do know where that pink/red floral tea dress is from ;) My favourite

Aishling Browne said...

Love the floral dress. And that black bag!!

Sisters Marie said...

love the peach sandals in the first photo!

Sisters Marie
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