24 July 2013

Latest Looks

 photo 05dc165f-8970-4cdb-a8ec-c368fc79b5fe_zps01a6a2bb.jpg

 photo 96d1aedd-f716-4fd5-8c42-44966d009601_zps7401a622.jpg

 photo 38883756-a8c2-4c8a-95f2-3cefa0022220_zps6b53d848.jpg

 photo 6bab68bd-8bfd-4688-b88d-41e0af7abc9a_zps1a7d2622.jpg

 photo 47df0634-c9f3-4d13-bfd0-f7043f8dca6a_zps51e1a1be.jpg

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Be Nice* said...

I love the jacket of the first look! :) Nice pictures!

Gemma Bellfield said...

I always read your blog and I've decided to finally leave a comment. You have such incredible style I literally wish I had pretty much all your clothes!

My favourite is definately the maxi skirt combo, I pulled this off the other day and haven't stopped wearing maxi skirts!

Gemma x

madzia said...

very nice bag :)