24 July 2013


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I was 100% having a i'm late, it's too hot and I can't find anything to wear moments this morning. All I wanted was a black maxi dress, but could I find one in my mess of a wardrobe? No. I know I have 4 in there somewhere, but where they might be I don't know. Which can only mean operation clean up wardrobe starts at the weekend. It will be colour coded and beautifully organised. Well for at least one day anyways. back onto my point - these trousers fell out whilst on my maxi dress search, totally forgot I had them and I didn't realise how versatile they were. Tartan for summer - unheard of in my book - but not anymore. I teamed them with my trusty Topshop camisole which I seem to wear every single day right now (Seen here, here and here) and my primarni sparkly sandals. Happy Wednesday.

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Trousers Zara, Top Topshop and Sandals Primarni.

Hugs & Kisses

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Anonymous said...

Love those trousers!