29 July 2013

Latest Looks

 photo 46fdae72-8863-4e94-bb6a-73ed593a4bd9_zpse0902e90.jpg

 photo 0ef17fec-cd3c-45da-8beb-fc495406a09b_zpsc09dbbab.jpg

 photo eb477c4a-414d-4e24-ae65-8b3a1e547d1b_zps54302a7e.jpg

 photo b297b089-1cdf-46d1-8c13-d5dcf8f07ade_zps47fac6d8.jpg

 photo 5992e67b-644d-4365-a4de-fd2f07903ae3_zps5429a29d.jpg
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Krista Palmer Preece said...

Love those tarten trousers x

Randomjenta said...

I'm loving all the outfits! But if I have to narrow it down I think the first one is my favorite. So nice and "summer-ish".

Have a nice day!

Roxii said...

I have those zara trousers! I can't wait to wear them :)