28 July 2013

The Denim Jacket

 photo 0ef17fec-cd3c-45da-8beb-fc495406a09b_zpsc09dbbab.jpg

Look at my denim jacket, just look at it, it's perfect. I picked this up at Bershka yesterday, that store really does have some amazing, if you pass by, check it out. The one I go to is in brighton, but i'm sure they have one in London, they must do. I am also in love with this maxi dress, the colour and the feel is just fantastic and even better it cost £8 - you can't go wrong. Another love - my trusty white Converse trainers, perfect perfect perfect. I think next time I wear this dress i'll team it with my leather jacket and some black, flat sandals. Enjoy the rest of your day girls, i'm off to bake some cupcakes. Happy Sunday.

 photo 179239d8-f42f-42e4-b6b9-0650854cb6df_zps343e4c58.jpg

 photo 2ad59232-4d48-4a6d-bb03-beaa9c545c07_zps14d1b646.jpg

 photo 05faa84d-e93f-40eb-837b-b2aa27a8a73d_zps5bc6fe9c.jpg

Hugs & Kisses

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Louise O Reilly said...

Your jacket is fab. Looks like Zara or Topshop wouldn't have said Berska. Great find!


Jo Betty said...

really nice outfit!

xx Jo Betty

lena said...

great combination with the converse! have fun while baking cupcakes :)

Angiewhitey said...

I like very much your blue dress!! ;) Xoxo

Talita Táiti said...

That jacket really is amazing! I like how it mixes some black into it, toughens it up a bit. Super cute look :)

Find me at Talita Taiti's Blog!

Kylie said...

eeeee that jacket is freaking awesome. Hope you are all good chick? xx

Robyn said...

I don't have a Bershka near me anymore :(! Love this jacket - goes fab with this maxi :)! xx

Sophie Wood said...

i'd never pick up a jacket like this, but it looks stunning with a plain maxi!

Sophie xo | sophielouisew_