25 July 2013

What's In My Bag: Summer Edition

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I thought it would be quite fun to start doing 'What's in my bag' posts - i'm so nosey so they are right up my street. My bag is usually a big fat mess! When I buy a new one - I have everything organised in compartments and cute little make up bags or pencil cases. Give me a week and it'll be back to a messy disgusting state. Currently at the bottom of my bag, I have dog treats that my puppy keeps putting in there. I don't know if she is saving them for later or if she is giving me a treat for when i'm at work? She also puts bones in there for, I'm assuming, safe keeping. I always have my Michael Kors aviators and some 3D glasses (because i'm a geek) tucked away in there for obvious reasons. My Next coconut lip balm comes everywhere with me, because it smells too good to leave at home alone with my MAC lip gloss, which has been on my lips for the last 3 months, it's fantastic. A hairband, nail file, camera and business cards are also essentials and are never left behind. It goes without saying, that my iPhone would be in the list along with a summer reading book for any tanning time available. At the moment I am reading The Power and so far enjoying it. Also in the bottom somewhere are my Herbalife badges as I sell the products to friends and family. Usually, I carry at least 2/3 notebooks in my bag at all times. This is mainly due to laziness, but also because I am writing down ideas all the time. They are filled to the brim with my randomness. My Malibu tanning lotions also comes everywhere with me as I never want to be burned or caught short (pesky Scottish Skin). And some more essentials - make up, perfume. magazines and what not - needless to say my bag is HEAVY!

* Not pictured - a mass amount of receipts and as I don't use a purse about a stones worth of change.

Whats in your handbag? 

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Hugs & Kisses

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Scottish Stef's Nails said...

I love your handbag!its so pretty!:)

Zoe said...

I love your bag, its gorgeous!x

Angiewhitey said...

Hi pretty!! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I love your post of the day! Really funny to know what we have in our bags!! Kisses sweetie!! Now I'm following you! ;)

LOLA C. said...

Amazing post!!!

HerNameIsTashaa said...

Your bag is beautiful! :)


Dollyfaces said...

Love your bag! x