25 July 2013


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First day back at the gym yesterday and I HURT like hell today. I do love it though and I can't wait to go again tonight. I sound like I haven't been in months, but it's only been one week. I can't wait to start taking all my Herbalife products again and eating clean. Mission is to get fit and have some defined abs in one months time. It will happen - it will I tell ya! :) 

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 photo a60737ea-212f-483e-aa91-e39d9ebde590_zps7cb686d8.jpg

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 photo eb477c4a-414d-4e24-ae65-8b3a1e547d1b_zps54302a7e.jpg
Blouse Zara, Skirt River Island.

Hugs & Kisses

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Zoe said...

Love the skirt! Great outfit x

Roxii said...

Such a cute outfit!

zabulencja said...

I like your skirt (and legs!!!) :)

Kiwi..x said...

Great outfit, love the skirt
and good look with your getting fit plan :)

Ambyr said...

I hate that first day back to working out, you're sore for days. Happy recovery :)
Love the flirty little skirt. Too cute.


andy said...

such a cute outfit! you are very pretty :)