7 August 2013

For a Rainy Day

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I have such a love for a skater dress right now, maybe even more than a midi dress, that I almost always seem to be wearing them. They are just so girly and just as easy to wear for a night out with the girls or a lunch date with the boy. I love a bit of versatility. Now i'm off to eat my body weight in Doritos and catch up on some television, not to mention tonight is the UK premiere of Sharknado. I'm sure it'll be crap, but Syfy movies are always good for a giggle.

 photo a9b69bd3-7ae7-4f14-ad9e-a3c3e17b4f45_zpsb33d4856.jpg

 photo 9fc405cc-7d68-4471-b61a-e7535ee1dedd_zpse062e0bc.jpg

 photo 5cd418df-16d8-4ad6-9d0b-dc9eb7c2e807_zps936fca01.jpg
Jacket and Sandals Primarni and Dress Topshop.

Hugs & Kisses

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1 comment:

Sweet said...

Love the dress and with the touch of the leather jacket is totally perfect.