7 August 2013


So this is an entirely random post even by my levels, but I thought i'd share with you my random chat. With all the lovely weather we have been having recently (Mr Weatherman please keep it coming), we have all been enjoying a BBQ or 2. I'm so used to living by myself that when it was time for my turn to host a BBQ, I realised that I didn't really have much fridge space for food and alcohol. What's a girl to do you say? Buy a mini fridge, put it out of sight and stock it with lots of yummy alcohol, for you and your guests to enjoy. I am completely unsure as to why this excites me so much, but it is now full of Strawberry and Lime Cider, Rose and lots of beer for the boys. Next up on the to buy list a fan. It might be a Brit thing, but I 100% love to sleep with a duvet on. A little sheet just doesn't cover it and it's not exactly cosy is it now. So a fan is the way forward, nice and breezy, if not a little bit loud.

Hugs & Kisses

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