19 August 2013

Out with the Old and in with the New

Image Via WeHeartIt

When I moved home, I left a lot of my stuff at Mum and Dads and I mean a lot (Sorry Mummy). Every single DVD and CD I own is still there. My reasoning, I didn't want house to be cluttered with them. I also have no where to store them, so the obvious answer to keep everyone happy was Music Magpie UK.
I hate selling stuff on the internet, I can't bare it. It's long and tiresome and I never feel like i've accomplished anything - I tried with all my clothes that no longer fitted and that left me with no time on my hands and people not paying for what they won. Music Magpie give you an instant quote for your item and thats that. For extra convenience they have a mobile phone app where you scan in the product and get the price. Easy peasy.

They even let you have freepost print of labels from the site so that you don't get anymore charges. So 150 albums later, 60 singles - including Mandy Moore Candy - and a billion DVDs my Mum now has her sideboard and conservatory back.

Have any of you guys used Music Magpie before?

Hugs & Kisses

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