30 October 2013

1 Cropped Jumper 3 Ways

 photo 0b811af8-db49-4a02-abcf-072a454d83e3_zpsdc635c54.jpg

This autumn it would seem my staple colour is pink. I didn't think that would ever happen, but my 14 year old self would be cheering away. I'm just drawn to the colour right now that I don't even notice that i've bought it.

 photo 51816d5c-44d2-4eee-b9b6-0ceeaaf0abaf_zpsadb0a1bd.jpg

 photo 90a7dfc7-60d4-44c5-a048-6861aedda2f7_zps2cf23d93.jpg

Hugs & Kisses

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