31 October 2013

The Outfit Post: White Converse

 photo 17eecbd1-6304-49f4-ad59-af9b925844d3_zps2394d56f.jpg

One of my best friends Taylor and I decided to take a little trip to Starbucks yesterday afternoon to try out the Halloween menu. It was gross - I have so not a fan of the salted caramel hot chocolate - roll on the Christmas menu. On another note, I'm a little it bit obsessed with this outfit right now. My pink coat is looking to be the best purchase ever made as of late. I didn't realise it would be so versatile, although I have noticed i'm strangely attracted to all sorts of pink right now, so it doesn't look like my winter wardrobe will be dark this year. My converse have also been glued to my feet as of late. I wore my new Steve Madden heels the other day and my feet are cut! Converse are the only thing thing that I can get on - good think I love them. Happy Halloween.

 photo 69085d0f-b6fe-43a7-a6ec-4cd9dca73bc2_zps637a9aa6.jpg

 photo cd89d4ff-aaaa-40c0-88b3-510797ba050c_zps362459c7.jpg

 photo 4377e0f9-aaf8-4720-997a-0e5561f48a0d_zpsa7033a80.jpg
Jacket and Bag Topshop, Jeans F&F and Trainers Converse.

Hugs & Kisses

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Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt said...

Love the coat and the scarf - really pretty combination! Xx

Charlotte Lewis said...

I am just in love with your coat! Need to get my converse cleaned, you look laaaaavvvvly!

Charlie xx

underthewillowtrees said...

I'm tempted to try the salted caramel hot choc, purely because I love those two things...not sure how good they'd be together though.

The white converse look great. With me, they'd only remain white for one day though! x

Ambyr said...

I can't wait for the eggnog latte! Yum. Love your casual look.


Megan Ellaby said...

such a great look! I am DYING for a pink coat as cosy as yours! beautiful lady!

chachamisu said...

White Converses make casual outfit cool. By the way, pastel pink coat is lovely!

Nataya - Chachamisu