12 October 2013

From Day

 photo 0d063f35-1a53-4432-8902-cdebb365b32c_zps883dd3e8.jpg

Completely weather inappropriate outfit, after these pictures were taken, I quickly added some tights. So cold, so cold. I'm experimenting with hats this season, i've never been fond of them, but they are really growing on me. Mainly this one and my fedora and a beanie every now and then, although i've still yet to find one that sits properly on my head - hair extension problems.

 photo c872036a-c15f-4708-b24f-e6212399a6b2_zpsa7528590.jpg

 photo 02aa3eb4-5d16-45f6-92e2-e2024a9457e8_zps31e552ca.jpg

 photo 43d243b1-324a-4431-a3e2-6345c0cd5eec_zpsbd9dc25c.jpg
Dress With love Boutique, Bag She Likes, Pumps Primarni, Hat H&M.

Hugs & Kisses

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India said...

You look amazing! Love it!

Denisa said...

I like your bag. Great day.

Jessica Neumann said...

Love your bag

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Tabet said...

Wow, great outfit! :)

Cat said...

That dress is a perfect Little black Day dress!

Cat, xo
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Imogen said...

What a gorgeous bag, I so want it!

Monica said...

Nice outfit!:)