13 October 2013

New In

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Good Morning Ladies, I have to say it's so nice to wake up nice and early on a Sunday with no hangover, for once. Yay me! So I'm off to walk le pup on the beach and then catch up with some friends for brunch. I want to show you my new skirt first - it's amazing - so in love with it. I do however have no shoes to wear with it. Any ideas welcome. I had my Converse on earlier, but thought they just didn't really do it. Have a fabulous day.

Hugs & Kisses

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Abbie said...

I am feeling the same today, fresh with no hangover feels sooo good!! Such a cute skirt, you could grunge it up with some chunky black cut out boots? :-)

Mica T said...

That is a lovely printed skirt!

I think converse would look great with it! Plain black ballet flats would too if you're unsure :)

Away From The Blue

Serena said...

I'd love to not be hungover today :(
I'm dying! haha
Love this outfit, it's so perfect for a walk on the beach!
I think you'd get away with converse, white ones maybe?


Tabet said...

Sweet post and a beautiful skirt! :)