18 October 2013

London Fashion Week Inspiration moves from the catwalk to the living room with DFS Lipgloss sofa

If, like many people in the UK, you take an interest in the world of fashion then the glamour, style and spectacle of the recent London Fashion Week will probably have caught your eye. 

And though it can often seem like the bold and exaggerated designs on the catwalk seem to bear little resemblance to the outfits we see on the high street, inspiration has to come from somewhere and whether you believe it or not, a lot of the ideas and innovations on show during fashion week do filter down into our wardrobes.

Just like fashion, inspiration for our furnishings has to come from somewhere too, and this year fashion week saw the Lipgloss sofa from DFS stealing much of the limelight from the rows of haute couture. 

Designed by world-famous fashionista Giles Deacon, the sofa has all of the style of the catwalk combined with the functionality and quality of all great DFS sofas

The bold graphic print and playful design echoes many of the outfits and collections that Deacon has created for the catwalk over the years, with his distinctive style and innovative eye complementing the sofa perfectly. 

In designing the sofa, Deacon took much the same approach that he does when designing clothes, working with the highly skilled and highly trained DFS team to create something that would not only look great but also work well in real homes up and down the country. 

The result is a stunning piece of furniture design that could well set the tone for future works and serves which to provide a slice of high fashion to the masses. 

As although the design is bold and attention grabbing, it is also well-suited to domestic settings, with its generous proportions and well-built structure perfect for dealing with every day family life while still retaining its catwalk-ready looks.  

So if you’re redesigning your home’s interior, why not take even more inspiration from the world of fashion and see what else the catwalk has to offer. 

What’s for certain is that by making the Lipgloss sofa the centre of your high fashion home, you’ll be able to build a design that’s not only great looking, but that works well, fits in with family life and provides you with an interior that you can be truly proud of. 

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