17 October 2013

Tinsel Town

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As an adult, I hate tinsel, yes hate it, it's banned from my house and I 100% do not wish to see it on my tree. Roll back 20 years and I was an avid fan. Christmas's past were alway a lovely, fun and childish event in our house. My sisters and I, were allowed to decorate the house the way we wanted - why my parents did this I will never know. Take 1 8 year old + 1 6 year old and + 1 teeny 3 year old = 1 massive tinsel bomb explosion. The picture above shows my sister Catherine and I dressing ourselves up in the decorations. We always had so much fun doing it and I'm sure our tree looked ridiculous, but we loved it. Sophie is now the queen house decorator as she still lives at home, luckily she has also grown out of our childish love for tinsel and the house is a beautiful animal christmas forest! ha!

Now why am I sharing my Christmas memories in October? It's for a teeny blogger competition over at Dot Com Gift Shop where you get to win an iPad mini (No Biggie - Jokes). I actually love the store as they have such cute bits and bobs for around the house and i'm obsessed with my house. You should go and check them out if you're moving into your own place soon and of course if you need to get some Christmas Decs from them. I've got this white reindeer on order, this heart light and I 100% need this silver angel T-light holder. Do you guys see anything you fancy?

Hugs & Kisses

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