15 October 2013

The Cape

 photo 17638740-2b2c-46dc-a653-77ce3e74c37f_zps48bd13da.jpg

Morning Girlies, i've got nothing to say today, mainly because I can't seem to string a sentence together. All I do have to say is look at the cape, admire the cape - I love the cape. Hope you all have a fabulous day.

 photo 09641acd-fa7a-4d89-81f7-dd61ca2d5b94_zpsb96c0d90.jpg

 photo 407a6ba5-2620-405a-9109-ba2d2df70c16_zps193cd192.jpg

 photo e7185c7b-3cb5-47bf-a91e-68ce5e68aaba_zpsbf1f450c.jpg
Cape Next, Boots Topshop (Old), Jeans Primark and Blouse F&F.

Hugs & Kisses

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Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt said...

I'm so glad that capes are popular because I have always loved them. i think I'll buy a few of them now while they're on trend and store for later :o). Xx

Serena said...

Fabulous cape! I love it!
x said...

cool boots :))

Emma said...

such a nice cape!