14 October 2013


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Happy Monday everyone. I've woken up with a stinking cold, i'm a disgusting snotty mess. Boo Hoo. Luckily for you, I have an outfit post already prepared. You know how much I love a swing dress right now, well on Saturday I wore it during the day (Seen here) and then I wore it in the evening due to laziness, but styled it up differently. What do you guys think? I'm absolutely loving the pink coat BTW, the best investment ever.

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{My cousin IT impression}

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Dress With Love, Coat Topshop and Heels Zara.

Hugs & Kisses

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4 comments: said...

wonderful cute coat :)


Effe coco said...

I really like yuor coat and its color :)

Andrea said...

Pink coats are just so dreamy :)
You look lovely! Such a great style and I love that the pink is the main splash of colour :)
Keep in touch

Nora Armani said...

I love your pink coat! You look lovely dear.