15 November 2013

The Outfit Post: Red Shoes

 photo 49412f46-6046-424a-a6e0-eb37713bd8bc_zpsd05c3f81.jpg

I'm wearing the leather leggings again ladies. I never thought they would be a daytime staple of mine, but they just bring a little something something extra to what would be quite a boring outfit. I'm also wearing them for my next girls night out, because it is far to cold for a dress. Add versatile to the trousers endless list of pure amazingness. Goodbye skinny jeans it's been emotional. 

 photo 472953a5-b6c5-4732-9530-5dd12ed85c02_zps88ac3b63.jpg

 photo dfd2669d-fa2b-4157-9b13-b50782a1e41e_zps9652b268.jpg
Coat & Cami Topshop, Leather look trousers Next and Heels New Look.

Hugs & Kisses

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1 comment:

Talita Táiti said...

I have got to get my hand on some leather skinnies! You are so right, it completely elevates the look. As usual, such a hotie :)