18 December 2013

The Outfit Post: Misspap

 photo bb35321f-2a16-49ca-8845-494cd8dd675a_zps801eb128.jpg

Bit of a late post today, literally the busiest, most productive morning/afternoon ever. Christmas everything has been sorted, so now I can relax and enjoy all the parties and dinners. I even went to the gym this am, which unheard of, i'm all about the evening workouts. Back to the outfit - I found a new (for me) online store last week, with some fab bits and bobs, mainly this top. How cute is the lace detail? You can check it out here. 

 photo d5ebdf4c-3361-411b-ae4a-08475e23ad81_zps1d9ce169.jpg

 photo 9efa8391-dbdb-4243-a77e-4cd7cee2de23_zpsed8e66cd.jpg

 photo 53ce4bec-9e7d-4fb4-bf53-ebceae88393c_zpsbc5aba66.jpg

 photo 982a3673-05da-4af8-ac4c-7171a52bfddb_zpsa3e340b0.jpg
Top Misspap, Trousers Next, Heels Nelly and Coat Missguided.

Hugs & Kisses

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Fitness freak said...

Love that top! You look gaaaaawjusss xxx

Emma said...

I haven't been to the gym in weeks, I feel so bad!

Denisa said...

I absolutely adore this outfit - so fab!!