31 January 2014

My favourite Spot

 photo d137f64e-4955-492f-8f65-a3fad30c2dbd_zps13a914be.jpg

Whenever i'm putting off doing something I always change bits and bobs around the house. Yesterday my bedroom to a redecorating, moving around hit. I got fed up of looking at the same wall art, candlesticks and perfume bottles. After an hour or 2 and a slight reshuffle - et voila. I love how it's so girlie and I can now use my mirror for make up yay!
I will show you my house once the light is a bit better. This winter has been do dark and bleugh! Have a fabulous evening ladies.

 photo 9d4cb759-7658-450d-a264-00d5fe168c0c_zpsd741442c.jpg

 photo 20612982-6ba4-4447-b1e8-4810db890edb_zpsa5021cf8.jpg

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Hugs & Kisses

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Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog - Girlie Blog Seattle said...

You created a lovely space. I like the lights. Makes the mirror brighter. It's good to change up where you live.
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