23 January 2014


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I have always lived by the mantra - you can never have too much of anything! Shoes, sunglasses, coats, dresses, you name it i've kept it. However, since buying a new build (no storage space whatsoever) and realising that keeping something that I bought 3 years ago that still has the tags, this behaviour isn't really acceptable anymore. Blogger problems at there best! I sell bits and bobs on easy, but not really that often and as my Mum is constantly calling me asking me to revive the 10 bin bags of clothes that i've left in her garage for the past year, it's time I do something about it. Que Music Magpie who have introduced a new way to sell your clothes via their website, so now I can get rid off all the unwanted, unloved clothes and make a little bit of extra pocket money - to go and buy new clothes of course! Any of you guys have any other money saving tips? I seem to spend all my money on random daily transactions that are £3, £6, and £8 - I swear it doesn't all go on clothes.

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Helen C said...

Sometimes having a sort through means you find things you love and you just forgot about. I love the sound of music magpie. Hope you do well with it. Love the pics too! :-) xx

Helen @