24 January 2014

The Outfit Post: Friday Plaid

 photo 87b0c535-42f3-4fc9-a4db-019a036064ef_zps54cb68e4.jpg

Morning Ladies. Who else is excited for the weekend? I don't have much planned just the gym, lunch with my sister and a trip to the cinema to see American Hustle, but I couldn't be more excited. What do all you guys have planned? 

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 photo 50c755ee-ee52-4efd-bed3-5032bb70ce72_zpsec74f036.jpg

 photo af4618a6-3fef-45eb-a7d5-38cf82ca2221_zps28cb38bf.jpg
Shirt Dorothy Perkins, Jeans George at Asda, Boots ASOS and Jacket Zara.

Hugs & Kisses

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1 comment:

Tamsin Lily said...

Love your outfit! Hope you enjoyed American Hustle, I thought it was amazing xox