14 February 2014

Bedroom Dreams

 photo d72de535-8996-4f49-a5dc-63c35e0b7ba4_zpsff983803.jpg

I have the decorating bug at the moment, even though my house was a brand spanking new build and I have only been in there for a year and a half, it is definitely time for a change. I absolutely adore my bedroom, if I could spend all my time in there I absolutely would, but it's time to mix it up and make it even prettier. This bedroom is everything I want right now - I found it here and this blog just so happens to belong to the lady who is helping Emily Schuman style up her house. The room is so soft, romantic and girly - 100% loving all the nude colouring. Great starting point and the re-decorating can begin.

Hugs & Kisses

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Jacynta Walsh said...

wow!! i wish i had a room like that

Sarah said...

I'm so with you on this, I'd love a room like that! We're currently saving up for our own house, which will likely be a new build, so I'm constantly looking around to picture my "dream home"!

Style At Every Age said...

Kirsty that is a Moroccan Wedding Blanket on the bed, I want to get one for my eldest who is getting married this summer but they are so expensive! x

Diva In Me said...

Can't wait to see more of your newly decorated room. This picture is definitely classical and neat =)