4 February 2014

Blogger Faves

I'm discovering new amazing blogs every single day, but I thought I would share with you my top three. These haven't changed over the last year or so, Full of brilliant inspiration and much more.

 photo a3b116b8-792d-42bf-a191-a06c5b21ddd0_zps27bf0cf8.png
Cath in the City - One of the only blogs I read every single day. I love every single outfit she puts together and I love that she goes us a peak into her life each day.

 photo 18082887-fa7e-4412-bda1-24322721f1e4_zps5aa63510.png
Angelica Blick - I read this blog once a week as I love her weekly dose of outfit inspiration. Each outfit is so well put together and every single outfit post looks like it come straight out of a fashion magazine. No one can work an oversized coat like this girl.

 photo 69b43e6b-3484-47c7-a46a-fd7da7e75457_zps1a6761f9.png
Victoria Tornegren - I love this girls blog for her effortless style. She I probably visit every other week as she doesn't update as much as Cath, but I love it. I can't carry off all of her looks, but they are so well engineered and she has never had a BOD (bad outfit day).

What are your fave blogs? I need some new ones to keep me inspired.

Hugs & Kisses

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beewaits said...

what a bunch of babes! been looking for something to add to the reading list!