4 February 2014

The Outfit Post: Basic

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Rushing around in the mornings is causing havoc with my outfit choices. Are they blog worthy? Definitely not. All I need to do is get up 10 minutes earlier to let my brain function, but no, I hit snooze and wake up and run around like a crazy person. On such occasions (every weekday morning), I like to have a few faithfuls that I can reach for and know I won't look like I got dressed in the dark. Let me introduce you to my faux leather jacket - you've met on many occasions before (seen here and here), it was a bargain from New Look 4 years ago, which I managed to get for £25. I can't even begin to imaging the cost per wear - maybe its 0.01p or something like that. Next up we have the striped t-shirt. I  have quite a few - my favourite being this one from H&M (seen here and here), with a primark mens coming in at a close second. Also my Steve Madden flats - they are so soft and I can't believe i'm saying this - quite jazzy - i've been watching far too much Inbetweeners as of late.

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Ana Castilho said...

love the shoes! :)