13 April 2014

Blue Shoes

 photo b832b1a0-f246-4d8f-92b8-585ca6db951c_zps269f401a.jpg

I absolutely love shoe shopping, especially when I head to the shops with no shoe in mind except a colour. I came home with 4 new pairs of shoes, as I just couldn't help myself. I really needed some new flat shoes for work and running errands and as it's still not warm enough to wear flip flops, these were the perfect option. They are no comfortable and not to mention the perfect colour, I can't wait to pair them with my pink heart print shirt (seen here). Anyways i'm heading out for dinner with my house mate now. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and check back later for an outfit post.

 photo 4a007288-cd33-44b4-935b-c32e321eefbf_zpsadb5e226.jpg

 photo 44493196-ae72-4538-8c84-2be85b037647_zps2ce8b6a5.jpg

 photo 44b65611-2807-4286-bd61-fc1b28a5cede_zps632ce78b.jpg
Blue Shoes here.

Hugs & Kisses

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Becca Louise said...

those shoes are gorgeous and that blue is just perfect for summer think a treat is in order! x

Rubi Ani said...

I love the colour of those shoes.
Rubi x
The Den

Anonymous said...

Love these! Think I may have to treat myself x