13 April 2014

The Outfit Post: Chanel & Black

 photo 17bc9546-534f-46c3-9ffe-641d578abcc5_zpsbdd9023c.jpg 

I managed to chop the top of my head off in all of these pictures - such a bad blogger - and I checked them afterwards to make sure they were ok! Woops! 

 photo 7e8a8ef3-9d12-445c-9a44-da6c017762fa_zps10f0a489.jpg

 photo 2cedca18-6c27-406a-ba7c-7d8eb58068f0_zps902cf84a.jpg

 photo e4dc4d91-df45-4453-9e0e-5de4675d4a19_zps61d238fd.jpg

 photo 3f0aad1a-088f-4d49-af5b-32f9ce4e5cfb_zps93ce1e3d.jpg

 photo 0a05af2a-3e92-48e1-9d39-85392720e9e9_zps1fce55d2.jpg
Top F&F - Jeans George at Asda - Shoes New Look

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