2 April 2014

eBay Collections- Sponsored article

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Over the past few weeks I have been learning about eBay. I know what is there to learn! I am however a complete newby when it comes to the site. I don't have enough patience to search for something, or would just prefer to get an item from a high street store. That was until recently. Let me introduce you to eBay collections. They are like the pinterest equivalent  to shopping or some sort of shopping wish list if you like. Each collection has some sort of theme whether it be by colour or trend, when you see an item you would like to add to that theme, you click the add to collection button - et voila - and it has been book marked. Then you can go about doing your everyday business, come back to the collection later on in the day, week, month and it will be ready and waiting for you. My favourite part is clicking through to see other people's collections as some little savvy shoppers seem to find amazing products that I wouldnt have even thought to look for. If you want to see mine you can click through here. Currently I have 12 boards which are mostly done via colour, but a few trends have been slipped in. My favourite collection is most probably pastels as I am definitely a pastel girl at the moment. I'll be updating mine throughout the Spring so make sure to check back every now and then. I hope Vixpo is joining in on this as she has such a good eye for eBay anything.
If you decide to make your own collections, be sure to leave your username and/or link below so I can have a little looksie at what you're loving over on the site.
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Abbie said...

This is such a fabulous idea, I was looking on Ebay yesterday and added a few things to my new collections! Love it, great post to xx

sanam arzoo said...

I really like this concept but it doesn't seem to be on Auction web yet? When you go to Auction web it performs but only if everything is in US money which is a bit annoying! I wish they carry it to Auction web cos like I said its an amazing idea! Especially being able to see other individuals choose who have identical style/likes that you do! Shopping eBay