3 April 2014

The Outfit Post: Hearts

 photo 8a7844b1-ce6c-4b53-aca9-4bca876a3c98_zpsc1d60a0b.jpg

I'm not a big fan of shirts, I just can't get used to them. The stifness and the collar just don't work for me. However I was having a quick look in my local New Look yesterday and I came across this beaut of a shirt. It's pink and has hearts all over it. What more could I want for a Thursday morning!? Nothing thats what. Hope you all have a great day Ladies. 

 photo 4527185f-848a-4e95-9336-ed7877571af9_zps3554b7e5.jpg

 photo da84404a-be1a-4d23-9960-a7167e2bfc8c_zps4f0a164e.jpg

 photo 711cb761-8865-46a5-af15-b5afb75319b7_zps7f265920.jpg
Shirt New Look - Shoes Carvela - Jeans George at Asda

Hugs & Kisses

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Always Darling said...

I love this outfit! The shirt is lovely! xx

Helen C said...

You look great. Lovin’ you sunglasses and shoes!! :-) xx

Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog