31 May 2014

Burgers & Charlie

This weekend, my sisters treated me to a birthday weekend in London. We started with a bit of shopping on Friday afternoon - Oxford Street - and then set off to find some fun places for a drink and new places for dinner. This ended with my FIRST. EVER. TRIP to Meat Liqour. I have to say that I might just be obsessed with it. I want another burger right now and not to mention never ending plates of chilli and cheese fries. It was hands down the best burger i've tasted in a long time, maybe even ever. Have you guys been there before? My birthday surprise happened today - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - it was such a good surprise and I loved every second of it. I even shed a tear when Charlie was given the factory - i've watched the movie so many times, so I knew what happened, but it still got me. Did I mention we had another burger? So naughty, but so good. Have I reached my burger limit yet? Definitely not - do you have any fave burger places? If my sisters even read this - i'd just like to say that you two are the best. So thoughtful and I enjoyed every minute of it and f course spending time with you both - love you!

Skirt & Jumper Hush - Sandals Primark - Jacket New Look

Hugs & Kisses

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Shauna Byrne said...

Love your blog!!! Please check mine out, just starting out :):) πŸŒΈπŸ’