8 May 2014

Last Minute Getaway

 photo a77aaa61-3283-4ca4-9471-462d73b31ecd_zpsb83b35c0.jpg
{Friday Look with Bonprix Boots}

It's always nice to get away for the weekend, but once the decision because booked and actually planned the next tricky situation is - what on earth to wear! I can pack just as much for a weekend away as I can for a whole week. It's ridiculous, I'm pretty sure that my hair dryer and beauty products take up most of the space and it might just possibly be the fact that I bring a different pair of shoes for each day and maybe the night. Bon Prix invited me to pick two items from the new collection, that I would take away with me as a wardrobe staple. I went for ankle boots as they are a MUST for me and also a jumpsuit, just because they are so easy to dress up or down and in my books that makes that a key item.

 photo 5a6271a1-756a-42d0-a3a0-e04d6fc7aafb_zps25131080.jpg
{Saturday Look - Bonprix boots}

{Saturday night outfit - Bonprix Jumpsuit }

{Sunday Outfit - Bonprix boots}

My weekend essentials would be 
1 x Bon Prix Boots
1 x Jumpsuit
1 x Blazer
1 x Cardi
1 x Jeans - I took 3 pairs for no real reason, 1 would have done
1 x White tee
1 x White shirt
1 x Black tee
1 x Heels

What are your weekend away clothing essentials?

Hugs & Kisses

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