9 May 2014

White Trousers 3 Ways

 photo 122b2173-d9e1-49c3-8ae9-5861e14937ec_zps027678ec.jpg

As mentioned earlier on this week, i'm going to try and get away from just wearing skinny jeans all the time. So i'm off to hit the shops this weekend in an attempt to find some trousers to wear. This shape isa a bit outside of my comfort zone, but i'm beginning to love them. Not to mention how much roomy they are, my legs can breather ha ha! This particular pair are from Marks and Spencers and in my opinion definitely worth the pennies. Enjoy your day Ladies.

 photo c5b47ae7-633b-4c74-a4f3-5e2f907a0dd3_zpsecac9fcf.jpg

 photo 94c03f93-0d40-4723-a584-fc08a938d6d6_zps0c4cc3d1.jpg

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All of these outfits are lovely and I definitely need to invest in some white jeans or trousers after seeing this! Love the blue top in the last outfit, would love to know where you got it from!xx