25 June 2014

Airport Buys

 photo 7e572193-1917-4105-8296-18052aa1e826_zpsc8cd62d6.jpg

Who doesn't love a bit of airport shopping? Money off make-up - i'm there. I stuck with a colour code - pink obvs and I stuck with one brand - MAC of course. These are my go to lip colours and I haven't changed them in years. I would love to try out a few more colours as I feel a daily change up is needed to stop me from getting so bored. The lipstick is Snob and the glass is Pagoda. What are your fave MAC colours? I'm off to the beauty dept in Fenwicks tomorrow.

 photo 349aec36-6b94-4c62-b5f7-0a92e73f1448_zps44ba3be1.jpg

 photo 8a4496d8-e32d-4318-8ce8-1e4d0a72f0a3_zps3ae35efa.jpg

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