14 June 2014

Me Time

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I've been feeling like I literally never stop. My job involves me being online a lot and being a blogger means, i'm usually online every single living breathing waking moment of my life. I can't remember the last time I watched an actual TV show without my phone in my hand - instagraming, tweeting or snap chatting and then poof before you know it the show is over. So now, one evening a week, I will be having no phone, no internet time and just relaxing.
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This week I made my favourite popcorn - Confetti popcorn - I shall show you what that entails next week. Pour a glass of bubbly and run a bath. I haven't had one in years, I just don't have the patience, but I persisted, it was bliss. Add to that a book i'm been meaning to read since January = perfect.
 photo 6cdd96a7-f7e0-46bf-9007-678314f75cd4_zps9351655d.jpg
Next up nails. I am the worst for walking around with chipped nail polish. Unless I have shellac or acrylics, i've got no hope. However i'm on a nail break right now, so I have to do them myself! Sad times.
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Then it's scented candle time and some Game of Thrones. What do you do on your night off evenings?
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{Phone case is from Iconemesis}

Hugs & Kisses

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Emerald Dove said...

Looks like a great evening - I have been intending to read that book in ages! :)

Antonio M. A. Raffaelli said...

Great Shot!